Buffalo Academy Of Science Charter School


Academic success highlights:


  • BuffSci middle school Mean Growth Percentile (MPG) in Math and ELA were above State for multiple years and consistently increased and reached a combined MPG of 78 for the 2015-16 school year.
  • According to results of the 2016 State tests, BuffSci middle schoolers outperformed the City and State and 8th graders had the highest proficiency performance in ELA among all charter and non-selective public school in Buffalo.
  • BuffSci outperformed the City and State in proficiency rates of Alg CC, ELA CC, Living Environment, and Earth Science Regent Exams and had the highest average of passing among all charter and non-selective public school in Buffalo.
  • BuffSci graduation rates are above the City and State. BuffSci had a 95% four-year graduation rate for its 2012 cohort which consists of 95% economically disadvantaged and 13% special need students. All of our special need and ENL seniors in 2015-16 graduated in four years.
  • According to NYS Report Cards, BuffSci has outperformed the Buffalo City School District and New York State in total cohort results in secondary level English language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics after four years of instruction since 2007.
  • BuffSci has maintained a 100% college acceptance rate for its seniors, with scholarship offers consistently exceeding $3M dollars.
  • In 2016, BuffSci successfully implemented its expansion to include 5th grade.