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At the Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School (BuffSci), we believe that college is for everyone. To assure that our students reach that goal, our college counseling department provides an individualized process with to produce the best match between our student and colleges. Each student works closely with his or her counselor to explore the talents and interests that he or she has developed over the years, to set a high school graduation plan based on those experiences and to find the colleges that will help him or her achieve those goals. 


Each grade level has its own experienced college counselor at BuffSci. By visiting college campuses, attending regional and national conferences, and hosting individual college representatives at our school, BuffSci’s college counselors update and expand their knowledge about programs available at colleges. 


Creating a good match of student and college also requires that the college counselor and student forge a strong relationship so that the college counselor knows the student's strengths, abilities, talents, and aspirations. For this reason, the counselor meets with each student at least once each quarter. 


In helping a student build a college list, BuffSci's counseling department uses the latest online tools, such as Naviance and Common App. We believe that using technology tools makes the college search and application process easier than the paper era and strongly encourage our students and parents to use the online tools for that purpose. 


Ultimately, students who are happiest about the college process are those who understand their abilities and needs to find schools that make the best fit.