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Junior Year (11th Grade)

Junior Timeline




  • Check your transcript and make sure that you are taking the right courses to graduate.
  • Make lists of your abilities, social/cultural preferences and personal qualities.
  • List things you may want to study and do in college.
  • Make sure you have an account at NAVIANCE and take ‘Game Plan Survey’.
  • Do not miss your meeting with college guidance every quarter.
  • Update information on College Board account.
  • Open an account for ACT registration.
  • Do not miss any community service hours arranged by school.
  • Ask guidance counselor for in- and out-of-school opportunities for internships and community service.
  • Take weekend PSAT/NMSQT practice at the school before the real exam.
  • Start building your resume by using the NAVIANCE.  
  • Take ASVAB test and attend the follow-up career fair program seminar.
  • Attend the Saturday school for SAT/ACT preparation.
  • Do not miss any college trip and fill out the pre- and post-college visit forms carefully.
  • Check your Regents exam results and if you need to take any, register in fall Saturday school for exam preparation.
  • Take PSAT/NMSQT on October.
  • Search colleges by using the NAVIANCE and start making your college list.
  • Get information about different careers by attending ‘Leadership Series’ speeches.
  • If appropriate (for example, if you’re interested in drama, music, art, sports, etc.), start to gather material for portfolio.
  • Take ‘Personality Type’ and ‘Career Interest Profiler’ test at guidance office.
  • Complete Diagnostics test for ACT and SAT at NAVIANCE Prep Me.



  • Gather information about service academies if you are interested.
  • Register for March SAT.
  • Attend ‘College Info  Night’ at the school with your parents.
  • Open an account at NCAA Eligibility center if you are interested in college athletics.
  • Decide about which AP exam you will take and start preparing for it.
  • Take weekend ACT and SAT practice given at the school.
  • Finish Prep Me sections of the exam you register for.
  • Buy any ACT/SAT prep books at the guidance office for only $5.
  • Start searching for scholarships by using the NAVIANCE.
  • Apply for possible summer enrichment programs.
  • Register to Saturday school to get ready for June REGENTS exams.



  • Visit as many colleges you can and sign up for Spring Open Houses.
  • Attend NACAC National College Fair trip arranged by school.
  • Register for June SAT.
  • Register for April ACT.
  • Develop a list of 15 or 20 colleges that attract you.
  • If you are considering military academies or ROTC scholarships, contact your counselor before leaving school for the summer.
  • If you want a four-year ROTC scholarship, you should begin the application process the summer before your senior year.
  • Have study plan for registered exams (AP, SAT, ACT,SAT Subject Test) by talking to college guidance.
  • Decide on teachers to ask for a recommendation letter; have transcript, resume and college list ready to share with them.
  • Take practice REGENTS exams for subjects that you are going to take on June.
  • Meet with guidance to decide about the next year's course selection.
  • Finish your registration for summer programs  (college course, internship, summer camp, etc.).



  • Find a full-time or part-time job, or participate in a camp or summer college program.
  • Visit colleges. Take campus tours and, at colleges you’re serious about, make appointments to have interviews with admissions counselors.
  • Open Common App Account.
  • Learn about your June test results and meet with the counselor to update your plan.
  • Register for summer school if you need to pass any REGENTS to be able to graduate.
  • Read at least one book about college admission process.
  • Start thinking about possible college application essay topics; read at least 10 application essays before you start writing yours (can be found in guidance office).