Buffalo Academy Of Science Charter School

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School (BuffSci) is to fulfill the high demands of students in Buffalo from grades 5 to 12, their parents and the community as a whole by addressing the following:

  1. Providing an excellent academic educational plan with emphasis on math, science, and technology while providing the opportunity for students to excel in any field of study.
  2. Providing a rigorous, innovative, challenging and enhanced curriculum focused on preparing students per individual basis for college from a community who are not served successfully by public education and cannot afford the private education services.
  3. Preparing students to become responsible, educated citizens who have the skills and understanding to participate and work productively in a diverse, multicultural, globally oriented environment and who are ready to carry the torch of knowledge, freedom, and prosperity.
  4. Creating a partnership and participation environment among the student – teacher- parent triad that will provide our youth with the support necessary to reach their highest potential – intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.



Buffalo Academy of Science is a tuition-free, college-preparatory charter school teaching students in a diverse community to be successful in a globally-oriented environment, using innovative and dynamic teaching methods with a small student to teacher ratio.


What makes BuffSci different?

  • Enhanced science and math curriculum
  • Extensive usage of technology
  • Individualized instruction with hands-on activities and one to one tutoring
  • Parent, student, and teacher cooperation
  • College counseling and preparation
  • The university and industry connection program