Buffalo Academy Of Science Charter School

Parent Testimonials

"I feel the school is doing a wonderful job.  I like that the school takes time out to work with my daughter if she's falling behind.  The Saturday classes and the after-school classes are [working.]"  ~Parent of a Junior



"…If your child has a special interest in science, this is definitely the school of choice. The Science Olympiad Team – lead by intelligent, dedicated Teachers – has competed throughout Buffalo as well as traveled to New York and New Jersey. The team has won numerous medals, had the privilege of being taught by Professors from Princeton and Yale, was featured on channels 2 and 4 morning shows and received a Proclamation from the Legislature in which the parents were able to attend. I like BASCS. Their efforts make me as a parent want to cooperate and become more involved with the school.”  ~Parent of a Sophomore and Junior


"My wife and I are very happy with BuffSci and their overall help with our child in his education.  We love the notification program to alert parents and students of their grade performance."  ~Parent of an 8th Grader



"[We have a] wonderful experience at BuffSci.  The teachers are very helpful and really care about the students' education."  ~Parent of a Senior



"I love the school, teachers and staff. Please continue the great service and support you [give to] all students."  ~Parent of a 2015 Alumnus



“This is an excellent school. Their science program is wonderful. My daughter is in the Science Olympiad team and just last week she was [on] Channel 4 News showing off her scientific skills. I am a proud parent and I am very glad my daughter is attending Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School. They encourage my child to go to a good college even though she is a 9th grader.”  ~Parent of a Sophomore



“I cannot say enough about the Administration and Staff at BASCS: It starts with the greeting of students in the morning; assignments of 9th period for students whose grades are not satisfactory; Saturday school for students that want extra help; and I cannot forget about Staff home visits for those families that are willing. This school knows the importance of school-family connection and is definitely putting forth the effort to educate my children.”  ~Parent of a 2016 Alumnus



“I love this school! The accessibility to student data via the iPhone app is great! I can know at any time how my child’s grades are and what work has missed.”  ~Parent of a Senior



"Meeting with the staff and children [at BASCS] has made me feel that this school ranks high. The help my child gets from her teachers will help her succeed in life.”  ~Parent of BuffSci student



“I am happy with my experiences [at BASCS]… I recognize that this school takes more of a personal interest in how well my child is doing academically.”  ~ Parent of an Alumnus



“I love BASCS because you always know what’s going on in the school and when it takes place… That communication is crucial. Anytime that phone rings and it’s the school calling, it’s perfect… I can be prepared and know how my child is doing.”  ~Parent of a 2016 Alumnus



“BASCS offers my son the safe, secure alternative we were looking for. We feel the challenging academic environment at BASCS will help propel him to future success.”  ~Parent of an Alumnus 


“I chose to send my child to BASCS for the excellent programs the school offers. I feel BASCS is a better school for my child because of the smaller classroom size and teacher availability for my child. I am very pleased. I love the dress code and no-nonsense, no bullying policy. There is excellent student-teacher-parent communication. My overall view is that it’s a much better and safer environment for my child and his attitude has changed to a more positive one towards school since he’s been at BASCS.”

~Parent of a Junior



“My daughter tells me that she reads poetry after the announcements [during school]… I love that ideas are not heard [by staff] and then squashed.”  ~Parent of a 2016 Alumnus



“[My daughter] has absolutely thrived in this environment. Her grades have improved overall from her last school and I feel she’s getting a more rounded experience at BASCS… She has really opened up. I think BASCS is doing a wonderful job for my child both socially and academically… Keep up the good work!”  ~Parent of a 2015 Alumnus


My 18-year old is new to the school, but he looks forward to going to school every day and I attribute that to the education that he is receiving at BASCS.”  ~Parent of a 2013 Alumnus