Buffalo Academy Of Science Charter School

Parent Engagement


BuffSci invites parents every month to have a cup of tea or coffee with the Principal and discuss how to improve student performance at BuffSci. While teachers are also welcome to join the session, parental support and feedback is the focus of these meetings. An essential part to ensuring that our students perform at their very best is effective dialogue between school and home. As with home visits, Tea with the Principal provides another opportunity for parents to engage with teachers and administrators to make sure that they remain active members of the team contributing to the continued success of our students.




Home visiting is an extension of services that BuffSci Faculty, Guidance and Administration teams provide for our families.  Home visits are conducted throughout the year as a means to help build and maintain relations and enhance communication between school and home.  During the course of the academic year, teachers, counselors and school administrators will visit the homes of students to lend social support to our families and advise parents on their child's academic and social progress at school. Home visits are also made to the families of incoming students over the summer as an opportunity for families to meet some of our faculty and learn about our programs.




Commitment to excellence in education is of vital importance to everyone at BuffSci.  Each quarter, parents are invited to school to help us celebrate the achievements their children have made in academics. Students and their families enjoy a specially catered meal, followed by a brief, encouraging keynote address and presentation of awards certificates to students.




Along with 24/7 access to our Student Information System (SIS) and student-led Parent-Teacher Conferences during the school year, BuffSci holds individual orientation meetings for new parents and students in the summertime.  These meetings provide an opportunity for parents to meet one-on-one with the Principal, learn more about our rigorous curriculum; our wide array of clubs, activities and programs available for student participation and; our high expectations for our students.



Our version of the PTA, the Parent Involvement Committee - or PIC - is a forum for parents to get to know one another, collectively advocate for the needs of students, enhance communication between school and home and contribute to the overall culture of excellence that has been established at the school.