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Leadership Speakers Series » Journalist Rod Watson: Hard Work Pays Off

Journalist Rod Watson: Hard Work Pays Off

April 16, 2013 - Rod Watson, Urban Affairs Editor for the Buffalo News, visited with 30 high school students as part of the Leadership Speaker Series. Watson shared with students his experiences as a journalist and encouraged students to consider journalism as a profession.


Watson stressed to students how important it is for communities to be represented accurately in the media and the responsibility that journalists have to report facts. Watson also reminded students that no matter what they want to choose as a career in the future, the classes they take now are all important.


Watson shared this message with the students: "Every class you take is a test of your character. It is like your passport. How well you do in your classes now is important because it determines what type of person you are - your integrity and your strength of character."


He concluded his talk with these words: “You can be any of those people that you see on TV. None of them are any more special than any of you. They worked hard and applied themselves… But do not sell yourself short. If you work hard and show integrity, you can accomplish the same things for yourself.”