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Leadership Speakers Series » Legislator Timothy Hogues & Entrepreneur Gregory Boles: Be the Change

Legislator Timothy Hogues & Entrepreneur Gregory Boles: Be the Change

March 22, 2013 – Erie County Legislator Tim Hogues and business his associate, Gregory Boles, visited 40 students at BASCS. Leg. Hogues and Mr. Boles spoke to an audience of 7th graders about responsibility, accountability, determination and decision-making.


The resounding message presented in tandem by both speakers was that no matter what your life circumstances, you can choose the path you wish to walk in life to accomplish your goals. The speakers engaged the students thoroughly with witty stories and questions.


Although Leg. Hogues and Mr. Boles discussed serious topics with the students, they kept the atmosphere light with lots of moments of laughter to drive home their points. To kick off the talk, Leg. Hogues introduced his assistant, Ms. Marilyn Cornelius, who delivered a stirring original poem to the students.


The Legislator repeatedly stressed to students that education is important and positive decision-making is the key to a successful life. Mr. Boles rounded out the talk by reminding the students that no matter where you come from, you can rise above your circumstances to “be the change you desire to see in the world and this city…”