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Leadership Speakers Series » Dr. Danis Gehl: Know Your Mission

Dr. Danis Gehl: Know Your Mission

December 13, 2012 - Danis Gehl, Ph.D., Associate Executive Director of UB’s Educational Opportunity Center, was this year’s third invited guest for the Leadership Speaker Series. Dr. Gehl used anecdotes of her own journey to discuss paths of leadership to 30 high school students.


Dr. Gehl put emphasis on the point that there is not only one way – or one correct way – to develop leadership skills and earn leadership roles. She stated, “You don’t always lead from the front… what got me to the university was relationships…”


Dr. Gehl discussed her passion for service to others and detailed how her volunteerism during the early years of her career opened doors that lead to her current position. In her recount of her journey, Dr. Gehl explained that there were various points in her career where her years of volunteer experience, her demonstrated work ethic and her enthusiasm for learning enabled her to assume positions for which she would have otherwise have been considered “under-qualified”.


Dr. Gehl encouraged students to really think about their passions and strengths… as well as their weaknesses. “A leader has to know his or her self… Your personal mission... You have to know yourself and what direction you want for your life.”