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Leadership Speakers Series » Judge James McLeod: Live Without Excuse

Judge James McLeod: Live Without Excuse

Judge McLeod, one of our guest speakers, told a group of our students “When I was your age, I was told ‘you people don’t go to college!’ There are many obstacles you are going to come up against in your life during the pursuit of your dreams.


There are many things people will try to take from you, but they can never take your education away from you. That is why the pursuit of higher education is important”. Judge McLeod said he has become committed to making Buffalo a better place by making a commitment to making fair, and in many cases, unpopular decisions, so he can turn lives around.


“The choices you are making now may not be popular with your friends if they are not focusing on their education...," Judge McLeod told students.  "...So remember, don’t live with making excuses, just keep making good choices”.