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Leadership Speakers Series » Pastor Darius Pridgen: Flexibility is the Key!

Pastor Darius Pridgen: Flexibility is the Key!

“Successful Leaders Build Strong Relationships” was the theme for our speaker, Pastor Darius Pridgen. A very spirited and encouraging talk was given to our students during our speaker series.  "Take time to get to know someone you’re not familiar with in school," he challenged students, encouraging them to be themselves.  "Introduce yourself to a student who may not have as many friends [as you]."


Pastor Pridgen told the students that we are all connected to each other.  He stressed that all people have to work together to accomplish good things in life. “You’re never going to work alone, even if you are the owner of a business," said Pastor Pridgen.  "You’re always going to be connected.”


Many of our students shared their goals for life. Pastor Pridgen pointed out that being connected to others is when you build strong relationships and continue on.  "Strong relationships are the keys to success."