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CEO Robert Carr: Creative Thinking

"Creative thinking" was the message that the students heard from Mr. Robert Carr, President of Carr Marketing Communications. “Decisions that [you] make today will impact the rest of your life," Mr. Carr stated.  "Advertising can be used in many different ways, even in our daily lives."


It’s just like a person telling a story so that the customer hears it so often that they remember what is being told to them and they want to purchase what is being sold. He talked about three very important components of Advertising that could easily be used as a tool in your dreams for the future. The components are input, research and frequency. All action words that are regularly considered when agencies are putting together different forms of advertising.


There were many interesting questions from our students such as how stores decide what products they choose to sell. Mr. Carr was able to give a very detailed description of how that process works which will – most assuredly - allow our students to become more astute consumers in the future.


“You are your own advertising agency," said Mr. Carr.  "You have an opportunity for the rest of your future to tell your own story take advantage of what you want people to think about you! The sky is the limit."