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Leadership Speakers Series » Lieutenant Kevin Harris: Thinking About a Red Hot Career?

Lieutenant Kevin Harris: Thinking About a Red Hot Career?

The choice to become a career firefighter is an honorable one. Firefighting has been one of the most sought after professions in the United States. Not only because it’s challenging, rewarding and interesting, it’s also one of the most respected jobs in the US.


This is some of the insight that the students walked away with after hearing Lieutenant Kevin Harris of the Buffalo Fire Department speak. He mentioned that it took him 5 tries to become a Lieutenant but it was that determination that’s needed in any area that you pursue in your life. One of the most personally rewarding careers an individual can have were words that the students were fortunate enough to hear.


"This is a profession of helping that takes courage, willingness to be patient, non-judgmental and accepting of other people. You must have a desire to serve and help people regardless of who they are, where they are and what their beliefs are...  When you become a firefighter, you become part of a family. Firefighting demands a high level of dedication and professionalism for those who choose it as a career."