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Chancellor Emeritus Robert Bennett: Value & Responsibility

October 23, 2013 - NYS Board of Regents Chancellor Emeritus Robert Bennett spoke with BASCS students about the importance of doing well in school to be ready for higher education and careers. Chancellor Emeritus Bennett shared his wisdom and passion for working to improve the lives of people, particularly our youth.


Mr. Bennett shared a little of his personal history with the students.  He said that even though he grew up comfortably, his parents always taught the value of hard work and helping others.  Mr. Bennett told of some challenges he faced early in his career. After being let go from a job that he enjoyed and did well, he decided not to sit and be depressed about it... Instead, he went out and found another job.  As fate would have it, in the new job, he was in a position to approve or deny a request from his previous employer.  He had to make the hard choice and do the right thing, which was to give the man's request fair consideration.


When BASCS senior, Terrell Smith, asked Mr. Bennett where his inspiration to help young people came from, Mr. Bennett responded, "I'm worried about the children who don't have a chance... I want all students to have the opportunities I had."