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Leadership Speakers Series » Judge Jawwaad Rasheed: Five Steps

Judge Jawwaad Rasheed: Five Steps

November 2013 - Judge Jawwaad Rasheed, Oneida County Family Court Justice, spoke with Freshmen and Sophomores as part of our Leadership Speaker Series. Judge Rasheed works with youth everyday as a Support Magistrate for the Family Court in Rome, NY (near Syracuse).


A native of Buffalo's east side, Judge Rasheed told students, "You have to do the work." Then, Judge Rasheed outlined what he called the "Five Steps to Making You Better Women and Men".


He detailed his take on what one needs to become successful:

Vision: helps to shape your focus and gives you direction

Dedication: doing anything necessary to achieve your goals

Perseverance: never giving up, never quit, even if you fail

Passion: having a love for something; finding what gives you your greatest joy

Faith: trust in something greater than yourself


The judge urged students to "put those five things together and put them to work in your daily life" in order to reach one's goals.


The students were a captive audience as Judge Rasheed left this parting message: "Each of you [has] a contribution that you are supposed to make. You will never know how great you're supposed to be until you give it all you've got."