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Leadership Speakers Series » Reporter Dan Miner: You Win When You Think Ahead

Reporter Dan Miner: You Win When You Think Ahead

February 27, 2014 - Dan Miner, reporter for the Buffalo Business First, visited with high school students as part of the Leadership Speaker Series. Mr. Miner spoke to students about his background and his journey to his present career as a journalist for Business First. 


Unlike some of our speakers, Mr. Miner spoke an important cautionary tale to students.  Mr. Miner shared with students the challenges he faced as a young high school and college graduate out on his own.  While he did not grow up in poverty, Mr. Miner impressed upon students the difficulties of supporting himself because he "didn't really have a plan" for what career path he wanted to choose.  He told students that it's important to do proper research about careers they plan to pursue to make sure there is longevity and job availability in those fields.  He told students that "it doesn't matter as much where you go to college... just do well when you get there" so that doors will be opened for future career opportunities. 


Mr. Miner left a message with students about the importance of making good decisions now and taking advantage of the assistance and opportunities available to them at present in order to be successful in the future. His final words to students: "You win when you think ahead."