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Leadership Speakers Series » Attorney Terrence McKelvey: Land of Opportunity

Attorney Terrence McKelvey: Land of Opportunity


October 23, 2014 - Twenty-five juniors and seniors held session with local attorney, Terrence D. McKelvey as the first guest for the Leadership Speaker Series 2014-2015. A native of Queens, NY, Mr. McKelvey spoke with the students about his journey from being born and raised in NYC to his last 36 years as a lawyer here in the Queen City. When asked why he stayed in Buffalo after finishing at UB School of Law, Mr. McKelvey replied that he and his wife saw a lot of opportunity here. "Buffalo is New York State's best kept secret."


Mr. McKelvey impressed upon students the importance of choosing a career path that suits their interest but also seizing the opportunities available to them. He told students, "You need to begin now qualifying yourself to be whatever you want to be... It's entirely up to you."