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Professor Stephen McKinley Henderson: Measure of Worth

December 15, 2014 - Tony-nominated actor and UB Professor Stephen McKinley Henderson was the distinguished guest for the latest session of LSS. Professor Henderson spoke with students about the importance of having a purpose in one's pursuits and endeavors.


With his affable demeanor and contagious wit, Mr. Henderson shared the story of his upbringing with the students.  Often making the students laugh, Mr. Henderson revealed that he had a difficult upbringing but he didn't let his circumstances defeat him. Henderson told students that his first love was math - in fact, he even attended Lincoln University to study it - but other opportunities arose for him to pursue his love of acting.


Mr. Henderson's love for acting and storytelling was evident in his presentation to students; however, he cautioned students about the trappings of "celebrity" and chasing after money. He told students that it was always important to do what you love to do and to do for others - whether it is the "main gig" or the "side gig" - so that the heart and soul can be fulfilled.  "It's fulfilling to be acknowledged and celebrated and paid well for what you do... However, money is not the measure of the worth of what you are doing."


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