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Dispensing of Medicines in School

In cases where a student requires ANY medication during school hours, written physician verification is required. Parental permission for school personnel to supervise the consumption of medicines is also mandatory. Even Over the counter medication-Tylenol, cough drops , etc. 


A consent form may be downloaded from the link below or obtained from the school office. This written permission is only good for the current school year.

  • Medication will be given by the school nurse or designated personnel only.
  • Over-the-counter medications may be administered with written permission from the parent AND A WRITTEN PHYSICIAN ORDER. .
  • Prescription medications may be administered ONLY with written permission from both the parent and the student’s physician. ALL prescription medications must be in the original container/packaging with your child’s name on it and kept in the Health Office.
  • Respiratory inhalers may be kept on the student's person ONLY with written permission from the physician. Permission must be on file in the Health Office stating as such.
  • Any changes in dosage and/or medications should be reported to the school health office immediately in writing from the physician.

All medicine permission forms are to be signed by both the health care provider and the parent on the approved form. If there are any questions please contact the health office at 716-854-2490 x 1131.