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Program of Studies

The Buffalo Academy of Science’s Program of Studies has been prepared for students in order to guide them on course selection progress.  BuffSci’s rigorous curriculum requires 24 credits from students for high school graduation, while NYS requires 22 credits.


 Colleges and universities are highly selective in their admissions.  BuffSci students are encouraged to select a rigorous course of study and enroll in higher level courses as much as possible.  BuffSci currently offers four (4) Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  Since the start of the 2013-2014 school year, BuffSci has also offered college courses affiliated with Erie Community College (ECC).  This program allows BuffSci students to enroll in college-level courses to earn transferable credits while still in high school.


BuffSci provides students with a well-rounded program of studies, which includes STEM-focused (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) courses and an embedded Character Education program.  These offerings ensure that our students become well-rounded and are prepared to meet the challenges they will face as they graduate to college and careers.


 Our course offerings provide a wide variety of learning opportunities.  As students examine the course catalog, please bear in mind not only short-term needs, but also long-term goals.  Beyond district, state, college and career requirements, students are encouraged and guided to select courses that will be academically stimulating and personally enriching.  Above all, students are counseled to plan a program which challenges them appropriately, sets realistic goals and enables them to take advantage of the diversified offerings available.



Course Selection Checklist:

  •       Please be sure to choose up to 12 courses in case your first choice is unavailable or full. Courses will be offered based upon student request rate (i.e. if only 3 students choose Studio in Art, it most likely will not be offered).


  •       Make sure to include your core courses and Physical Education. (Each student must have four years of high school P.E. classes in order to graduate!) Consider your personal life/ability so as to not overload yourself (outside obligations such as work or family).


  •       Review your choices with a parent or guardian and have them sign your choice list so that they are aware of your choice. Once final schedules are distributed, parents will need to sign those as well.



Internships: Internships are a senior-exclusive opportunity to work in various occupations throughout the Buffalo area. Students will receive six (6) credits per semester (with a maximum of 12 credits per year) in this class along with a grade. Students will attend class once a week and will use the other days working at their internship sites. In order to get into this class, students must have an average of at least an 80. While in this class, students must maintain an average of 80 or higher and have no disciplinary actions against them (this will include suspensions, conduct referrals, and behavior outside of school that is unbecoming of BuffSci students). A list of internship sites and paperwork will be mailed to the students enrolled in this class. All paperwork must be turned in by the end of August (exact dates TBA).