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A distinguishing feature of the BuffSci program is that early intervention is provided as needed. This intervention is designed specifically to support the academic progress of low-achieving students. The support is multifaceted, as described below.


BuffSci has an educational environment that involves both in-class and after-class individual attention. After-class individual attention occurs as part of our after-school tutoring program.  Students receive tutoring from the faculty and also from volunteers from area universities. Tutoring is adjusted to fit individual student needs so as to maximize each student's potential. Thus, some students may require tutoring one afternoon a week, whereas others may require daily tutoring. Because tutoring does not occur during the regular class time, it is not considered as part of the instruction requirement and will not be used to support the apportionment claim.


The tutoring program also benefits students who are not classified as low achievers. Tutors are available to students performing at or above grade level upon request. These tutoring sessions generally occur after school, but some may be scheduled on the weekends, depending on student and parent preferences.


In the classroom, BuffSci encourages teachers to increase their level of attention to each student individually. Twice a semester, teachers will fill out a student progress report form and discuss student progress with other teachers, parents, and tutors They also provide a brief summary of their methodology and supplementary efforts such as after-school tutoring and meetings with parents that they are using to help students reach their maximum potential.  In some classes, whenever appropriate, tutors will help individual groups (or individual students) to increase the degree of individual attention. Labs are good examples in this context: while students are doing experiments in groups of two, tutors and the teacher will deal with each group as needed.


To give enough individual attention to each student, an important and innovative goal is to provide teachers with offices where they can meet privately with students.