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Robotics Program

The Robotics Program at BASCS is designed to prepare our students to compete in the ever-expanding fields of science an technology that are becoming increasingly embedded into our everyday lives.  Our Robotics Program is a comprehensive course which teaches inherently across a range of curricula to address key concepts of the core subjects, including science, technology, mathematics and English language arts, as well as research, team-building and time management.Our program provides a strong curriculum which enables teachers to address STEM competencies in a manner that allows full engagement and comprehension by students.

Through participation in the BASCS Robotics Program, our students will:
  1. Develop abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry;
  2. Develop abilities necessary to define and use the engineering process;
  3. Acquire knowledge to define and utilize proper lab safety procedures;
  4. Develop abilities in technological hardware, programming and design;
  5. Acquire knowledge to understand and apply new science, technology and mathematical concepts;
  6. Develop an understanding of core concepts, characteristics and scope of technology and its relation to other fields of study (subject areas) and;
  7. Explore and develop an understanding of the use and significance of technology in society.