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About M^3 Contest

M3 = March Math Madness Contest


The mission of the M3 Contest is to create mathematics awareness in youth by demystifying the complexities of math and stimulating interest in continuing math studies in college and careers. The purpose of the competition is to strengthen mathematics capabilities in youth by providing an opportunity for students to apply the concepts taught in middle school grades (5 through 8) to a challenging series of tasks. The challenges serve to provide hands-on, real-world contexts in which the students can put their learned problem-solving skills into practice to demonstrate their knowledge of various concepts across a broad range of applications. In addition, the M3 Contest promotes enthusiasm, excitement and fosters positive attitudes towards math – and themselves as learners of mathematics – so that students are empowered to succeed.

M3 Math Contest

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


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2016 M3 Math Contest Winners:

1st Place: Emma Z., Grade 7 (Sts. Peter & Paul Hamburg)

2nd Place: Umme J., Grade 8 (BuffSci)

3rd Place: Camille M., Grade 7 (Niagara Catholic Jr/Sr High)



2014 M3 Math Contest Winners:

1st Place: Nathaniel,  Grade 7 (CHS)

2nd Place: Alyssa, Grade 8 (NCHS)

3rd Place: Nicole, Grade 8 (NCHS)

March Math Madness
M^3 Math Contest