Buffalo Academy Of Science Charter School

Parent Satisfaction Survey

Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School (BASCS) strives to build a learning community where parents, students, and school personnel share the same goals and visions. We believe that building such a community begins with its members getting to know each other. This survey is the first step to achieve our goal and create a strong, supportive, and positive learning environment.

  1. Please respond to the following statements by checking on a scale of one to five.
    Please note: 1= strong disagreement 3= neutral 5= strong agreement

    Statement 1 2 3 4 5
    I feel welcome at BASCS.
    The school meets the academic needs of the students.
    BASCS’s discipline policy is fair and consistent.
    I know what my child’s teacher expects of my child.
    I feel that my child is safe at school.

    1. Please select yes or no to answer the following questions:
    2. Yes No
    3. Yes No
    4. Yes No
    5. Yes No
    6. Yes No
    7. Yes No
    8. unsure 0-1 hr. 1-2 hr. more than 2 hrs.